*Don't ask.

We kicked off Amanda's bday weekend at The Tasting Room. They have amazing truffle fries & sweet potato fries. If they would make sweet potato truffle fries then I would probably eat there every day.

Winter has finally hit Houston and we had the unfortunate table right by the door. Where people came in and out of constantly. And sometimes they would stand there holding the door open while talking to someone outside. By about the third time of that situation I did yell "in or out! IN OR OUT!" at them; I don't think they heard.

After dinner and multiple glasses of wine, we were ready to head to the after party. And no, it was not in the hotel lobby...it was at La Barre.

This was my first male strip club experience. I didn't really know what to expect outside of what I saw in Magic Mike. So I imagined their dance routines and took it down a few notches. Turns out I should have further lowered my expectations.

It was very interesting. I'm honestly not sure if the male strip club is geared towards turning me on or cracking me up. I don't think that I have 1. laughed so much, and 2. had so much shock face at one event.

Watching all of the physical boundaries being crossed made me nervous. I can appreciate a nice body, but I don't know you so I don't want to touch you, and don't even think about touching me. I obviously didn't get out any dolla dolla bills, y'all.

  • Houston's #1 eligible bachelor performed. Yes, our most eligible bachelor is a stripper. If that's the best we have to offer, then I'm doomed.
  • Why did we get the super creepy waiter and not the cute one the table next to us got?
  • Stripper fight!
  • "Look at his triceps!"
  • "Feelinloveinahopelessplace
  • I think it should be law that all male strippers have to wear boxer briefs instead of the bananna hamock. eww. just eww.
  • Boy band reject.
  • Do they offer memberships?
  • Watching Christina get forced out of her chair and then get difed was hilarious...but probably not to her.
  • I told Amanda that we should get her a lapdance, but once she gets up there she needs to flip it and end up lap dancing the stripper. I don't know why she didn't get on board that idea?

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