The Day My Body Betrayed Me

The day was January 3rd, a Thursday. It was full of so much hope and optimism. I finally got around to writing my new years goals and was pumped to get to work.

After work I stopped by the park for my first run in about two weeks. I was so excited to stretch my legs out to see what pace I was working with as I churned out 4 miles.

A mile in I saw all of my hopes and dreams fade away as I began to experience pain in the outside of my left knee. So I slowed down. It got worse. I decided to cut it short and alternate walking and running...until I could barley manage to walk.

WTF body! Things had been going so well.

I took some Aleve and iced it when I got home. It didn't seem to help, and I could barley manage to walk the next day.

I did some online research and I'm pretty sure it's my IT band. They say running can cause issues, but my millage was pretty low last year...especially towards the end.

It felt better on Saturday so I was able to resume most of my normal activities...except for running or lunges.

I'm feeling very nervous about this whole knee sitch since I have the Woodlands half scheduled for March. Yikes!

Really glad that I hadn't signed up for the ones in Feb and April that I had my eye on.

Anyone else had knee problems? Any suggestions? Or should I go ahead and amputate?

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  1. NOOOO!!!! Just amputate and request a metal leg. Kidding, you know I am queen of knee injuries. Just listen to your body and give it some rest. Foam roll. Don't push it. And email me if you need to vent. :)