Awesome & Awkward Friday

I'm having a hard time even remembering what I did this week. I'll still mark it up as a success because I didn't use any energy drinks to help with my sleep deprivation. My heart applauds me.

Linking up with Lauren.

  •  Can we talk TV for just a sec.
    • New Girl - OMG. OMG. The kiss? So good and unexpected. I really didn't think it was going to happen after the whole behind the iron door situation. I actually rewound it a few times. It.was.perfect.
    • Vampire Diaries - Overall, this season hasn't had me as emotionally involved as the past three. But after last night? I'm all in. I still can't believe they killed off an original! Let February sweeps begin! I wonder if my neighbor can hear when I am screaming and yelling while watching tv?
  • Dinner with the girls. I hadn't seem them since the day before the world was supposed to end so we had a lot to catch up on. I motion that we hit up every burger place in town for girls dinner. (I also almost choked to death on a pickle)
  • I'm slowly finding my way back to the kitchen. This week I made white chocolate brownies. This happened because I didn't realize I was out of chocolate chips...

  • Have you heard of thought catalogue? If not, you need to check it out asap! I think I found my new boyfriend application! You must read This.

  •  I was completely exhausted from the New York weekend and slept for 11 hours Monday night. Why am I old?
  • The cashier at Which Which told me he wants to take a picture of my eyes to get contacts replicated after them. This is the second time he's said something like this. I'm starting to worry that he might just take the eyes out of my face.
  • It's February 1st, and I've already identified the recipient of the Most Douchtastic Person of the Year award. Fantastic. Hopefully there won't be anyone else vying for the award and I can have a peacefully awesome year. 


  1. Ok, I have to start watching New Girl. Everyone keeps telling me how good it is. And the which which guys sounds like a creeper to me! YIKES

  2. I whacked my husband when Nick kissed Jess because it caught me so off guard! (Poor husband.) I am super excited to see just how awkward next week is going to be!


    Your newest follower :)