Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with From My Grey Desk to share the weekly happs!
  • This week kicked off with my best girl having her first baby! I can't wait to meet Orion in a few weeks!
  • 4 day work weeks are the best.
  • Kristen Bell jacked my baby name. WTF! And then Steve got his first taste of me freaking out. 
  • Made it to bodyjam for the first time in over a week. I sure had missed Stacey & Amanda. We should probably brunch soon.
  • Holly found this gem on her phone:
She thought black and white would class it up. I don't know why she doesn't think it's classy already?
  • Got the countdown app so I can track the important things in life.

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  1. HA! I just read Kristen's baby name last night out loud to the mister. It's a good name. You can still use it!

  2. Im sorry Kristen Bell got al Mens Girls on you : ) I do love that name too!
    Glad you had a good 4 day work week! Yes indeed they are the best!