Jack Dawsoned

Yes, I did just turn his name into an action.

A while back I was talking to Jess about my inability to meet people and make friends. She said that I needed to be like Jack from Titanic - referencing the scene where he and Fabricio first meet their bunk mates on the Titanic. He says something witty to them, then automatically sticks out his hand with a with a strong "Jack Dawson, nice to meet you."

Every since that convo, I have tried to embody the Jack Dawson state of mind. I've been sketching people like one of his french girls, started gambling, became homeless, and started introducing myself to more people. This primarily happens at the gym.

I've been making a pretty good effort and have met quite a few people...but a lot of them seem to disappear after they get jack dawsoned. What is that?

Since I have the whole meet and greet down, I Now need to work on remembering names!

I'm pretty sure that I know who Melissa, Sam, and Gina are....but there are many more that I totally blank on. I'm def being more friendly and not as much of a loner (as I type this up home alone on a Saturday night), at least when I'm at the gym. There is hope for me yet!

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  1. Ah, sweet girl....it's okay...making friends isn't the easiest!!! Keep up the Jack Dawson!!! ;)