Cupcake Love Affair

The rest of the New York weekend was spent with a few of my best girls.

Saturday morning I got up earlyish and hit the streets to enjoy the city and hunt for some bagels to sop up the remaining whisky and coke in my belly. I found a place a few blocks down Times Square (can't remember the name) that had delish everything bagels and hot chocolate. 

I also stopped by Crave - my previous favorite cupcake shop. I didn't see what I wanted (chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream) so I asked the lady for help. She didn't seem to understand what I was asking for and kept suggesting cupcakes that weren't even similar, so I left. I spotted Cake Boss bakery across the street and headed straight over. The cupcakes were alright, just nothing special.

Late afternoon we went to Tapps for an inadequate lunch (for me at least) and then spent the evening at a small bar.

Me, Taffs, Raca, B (thanks for the pic!)

 We left Sunday and had last meal was enjoyed at Five Guys. My first (and probably last) trip there.

On the way out I did manage to make a stop at Magnolia and Crave. I must say that Magnolia was my cupcake fave from the weekend. So good! I think it was the icing.

The main contents of my carry on.

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