RIP Jer Bear aka TVD Obsession Continues


Wow. Just wow.

Most of the season has been pretty sub par...and then they give you this: the death of a major character.

One thing that TVD does really well is death of important characters. Alaric last season was intense. And that candle scene? I get emotional just thinking about it.

I remember the first time Jer died. (yes, 1st. This is a supernatural show). Out of no where Damon threw a hissy fit because Elena didn't love him and he snapped Jer's neck. I was in shock. Like screamed then burst into tears. Then we got a big twist: the resurrection ring. He came back a few min later. And then that one time that he was shot and Bonnie brought him back. And that other time (gosh, I didn't even remember all of these at first) he sacrificed himself in order to capture Klaus, but bonnie was able to bring him back (and accidentally tap into black magic...awkward).

I was hoping that the ring would help...except he is now a supernatural creature (he's one of the 5 Hunters) so it's invalid. Or maybe Bonnie could do something...except she's kind of lost her mind.

Watching Elena go through the stages of grief was heart breaking. I hadn't cried like that for a while. And of course it hit extra hard because it made me think of Andrew. I didn't ever hit the denial phase, but every now and then I do forget.

Just last week I was thinking about how I hadn't talked to him in a while so I should probably give him a call...then I remembered why it had seemed like a while. I stopped mid motion while that sunk in, and then I felt really dumb.

Back to Elena: I'm just so sad for her (even though it's just a show) because she no longer has any family members left. And that must be the worst feeling in the world. And now Damon turned off her humanity. Good call? I'm very interested to see the direction the show will take the remainder of the season. I just hope that they are able to keep up the twists and turns that I've come to love..and sometimes hate.

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