Lazer Tag

Every now and then I meet up with my friends for Lazer tag. Well, usually we make a day of it by attending Sven's flow class, grabbing lunch, then beating kids on the lazer battlefield.

We had bought groupons a few months ago and they were expiring, so we rallied the troops and got our lazer on.

We had lunch at Ruggles Green. They have really delish pepperoni pizza, and you MUST dip it in a side of mango ranch. They don't have regular ranch but the mango flavor has grown on me.

We made a pit stop at Lululemon where a strange guy hit on Sabrina. I'm pretty sure he was drunk or high. Maybe even both. His initial pick up line was asking us if we worked there. Then he started making suggestions about the shirt she was trying on. Sabrina just kind of acted like it wasn't happening...and then the guy said something inappropriate (that I can't remember) and went to high-five Sven. Sven looked confused (I don't think he got the comment) and hesitant as he put his hand out. It was quite amusing. Unfortunately for creeper guy, Sabrina's husband had walked up around the time of the inappropriate comment and he defended her honor. I'm sure S could have handled herself, but it was so nice to see her hubs take control of the situation and basically kick the guy out of the store.

I played Speed Racer with Sven on the way to Battlefield. I won, but I don't think he knew we were racing.

We played a few intense rounds of air hockey. I won my first bracket against Sabrina, then lost my second to Taylor.

We all managed to trick the system and get on the same team...except for Corey. My team ended up winning 3 out of four games. Things were extra intense since we are basically pros at this point. We don't have time for kids that want to lolly gag around. I witnessed Sven telling kids to get out of the way, Taylor got put in time out, and we got shot by the games keeper for running. Well, technically I wasn't running, so I got the punishment shot. I guess following the rules doesn't always work out. And I managed to bust myself in the face with my gun.

When they were announcing the score after the third game they started with the other team's score. They started cheering and I said (a little too loudly) that they should hold their celebration until they announce our score. I got the stink eye from a few kids. But my team did end up being the winner.

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