Loving on Taff
Back in January we had our Annual meeting (AGM) in New York. This was the first huge trip I had to book for the company. I thought I was going to lose my mind...and then I did.
Anyway, Houston office had a 6am flight Friday morning - this translates to leaving my house at 4a. Yeah, exhaustion ensued. I stopped by CVS on the way to the airport. The checker asked me why I was out so early and when I told her I was going to New York for work she fist bumped me. I think we shared a moment.

Thanks to my ability to sleep just about anywhere, I took a much needed nap on the flight.

B, Holly, and I hit up Shake Shack for lunch. This was a lunch date that Brittany and I had made about a year in advance after not fitting it in last year. I don't know what it is about Shake Shack but I love it. Actually, I think it's the perfectly proportioned burgers and the delicious malts. Malts while it's literally freezing outside isn't the best idea I've ever had, but it def wasn't the worst.

Shake Shack

The three of us headed out on foot to the meeting venue. I started to lose feeling in my legs and toes, so we grabbed a cab. It was great to make it to the venue and meet up with all of my fave co-workers that I had missed since we had been apart for a good 2 hours. (Seriously, I really do love these guys).

After the meeting we enjoyed cocktail hour before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the big night out. AND we got to enjoy our first snow of the season! (We barley even experienced winter here in Houston). The snow in New York is different from the snow here. It seemed more fluffy and all around more wonderful. Luckily it was a light snow because I'm not made for winter weather.

B and I enjoyed an upgraded room (perks of booking travel!) with a pretty nice view and chocolate turn down service. For dinner we ordered in Sushi and I had the best sweet potato roll.

Had a mini BJ reunion

Once ready B and I caught a cab to RDV to get our dance on. A 5 hour dance party ensued. It was awesome!

Bennida & Me

Stefanie, Marina, Me

Marina & Me

Holly, Marina, Ashley, AnnMarie, Me

Stefanie & Me

Me, Laura, Ashley

Taffan & Me

Around 2a I caught a cab back to the hotel with some of the girls. I got back to my room just in time to have the last (half) slice of pizza, and listen to Bob's evening adventures, proving why he was voted most likely to die that weekend.

B & Taffs
Bob, Derek, Jake

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