Awesome & Awkward Friday

This could easily turn into an episode of bothered (you know, the Jimmy Falon pretending to be Edward Cullen sitting in a tree being bothered?), but I'm going to dig deep (like really deep) to share the better moments of the week.

Linking up with From My Grey Desk and Life Rearranged to share the weekly happs.

  • Picking up Steve from the airport tonight!
  • NBD, but Ian totally sent me my vday card (finally!).
  • A much needed dinner with the girls. I'm so happy to have wonderful friends...even if they are cray.
  • Spending the night with Cole & Brittany. I wonder if they will let this become an all the time weekend thing?
  • We usually end up making a cupcake run.
  • Pump. Slightly increased my squat...if only my arms would follow suit.

  • I was so excited to watch Vampire Diaries Thursday...but it's on break until March 14. What is that? How am I supposed to make it through my weeks without this to look forward to? I'm dead. Like Jeremy Gilbert dead.
  • Me trying to do the chopper in pole. My biceps were not cooperating.
  • How quickly I ate these...before lunch.


  1. Anonymous1.3.13

    That looks like an amazing breakfast to me!

  2. Those are some beautiful cupcakes!