6 weeks

It's been six weeks since I last ran.

Six weeks or anticipation.

Six weeks of still working out but stopping an activity if my knee felt any irritation.

I was so nervous and excited about my run this morning. I'd been waiting weeks for this and was hopping that my IT band had decided to start acting right. There hadn't been any pain or irritation in the IT area for a couple of weeks, so I was really only nervous about my lung capacity.

I got up early (I actually miss my early morning weekend runs), laced up, turned on my Garmin, and hit the park. I forgot how much I loved the smell of the morning air at the park. It brought back memories from the last three years. I felt free and was already pre planning which days/activities would be swapped out for running. The first .5 felt good. My legs felt confused but they weren't as slow as I had anticipated. In fact, they were trying to go fast; they obviously forgot how to pace themselves. Breathing was getting rough, but I was maintaining. I had planed to do a little less than 3 as to not over due it.

And then all of my hopes and dreams were crushed around the first mile. The pain kicked in. Subtle at first, so I slowed my pace, but it soon grew. It almost feels like I'm the tin man and if I could only oil it up then I would be fine. As the pain forced me to a walk I stated having crazy ideas about cutting my leg open and riding my body of the IT band, but I figure my leg won't work at all without it.

I don't feel that this is severe enough to require surgery, but I'm not sure why it's failing to heal. You now how Lex Luther never gets sick and heels well from his encounter with the kryptonite? (I'm obviously going off of the Smallville version of this story because I didn't read the comic books). I feel like my body is the opposite. I don't get sick often, but when I get injured I'm pretty much injured for life.

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  1. oh friend :( i'm so sorry. i know how frustrating being injured is :(