Awesome & Awkward Friday

I'm writing this from my bedroom at g-ma's house, which means this week ended a lot better than when it started!

Linking up with Lauren to share my weekly happs.

  • I started Monday off right, by accidentally having part of my butt out on the elevator at work. Great! Thank you bag for pulling my dress up with every step, you sure made that a magical morning for the people that got to see it.
  • The best week of my calendar.

  •  Whoever writes these little messages must have become stupid. Or never fully taken this advice, because this is how you get yourself into a shit situation. Always use your head as a primary trust resource, and your heart as a secondary. 

  • Jess tried to dodge the stairmill part of leg day by showing up late, but I didn't mind putting in an extra 10min so she would get the full 20. Best friend ever, right?
I'm waiting!
  • National Sibling Day. (Seriously, who makes this shiz up?) BUT I'm glad I got to see #babymarsh anyway.

  • Week 2 of increasing my water intake to a gallon was successful. At this point I have no trouble finishing it, and drink even more on cardio days. And yes, this is what I take with me everyday.

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  1. Your calendar looks like mine... I take pride in my calendar doodles!

    happy weekend!

  2. You're right... that Dove chocolate advice is awful! Have a great weekend.

  3. I haul a gallon of water back and forth to school every day. It's sitting on my desk half full, giving me the stink eye because I'm drinking a Diet Coke instead. Oh well! It feels so natural now to drink a ton of water!

    Have a great weekend!