Pole R.4

After some ab work that made my hip flexors write me a hate note, we learned the inch worm. Basically doing a reversed body roll on the floor, which makes you move like an inch worm. a sexy worm? I don't know, but that shi is hard. My back has been really tight every since I tore it last summer, so it's not giving me the flexibility that it used to. 

Next we moved onto our climb. I love to climb. I don't necessarily do it the "pole" way, but more as race. So we worked on technique. Rule 1: Slow that shi down! 2: anjulate that spine. 3: big movements with your arm, move them as if you are climbing up a vine (one hand moves up at a time). 4: Use your abs to crunch up your legs and move them together. Honestly, it's not difficult if you know how to climb...unless you are me and you start to overcomplicate the move in your mind and end up looking like you can't function. Don't worry, I worked it out by the next week.

And now for the main attraction: The Chopper. This is a way to get up into the invert. So you start standing next to the pole. (I prefer to have the pole on my left). Move so that your hips are in front and touching it..............Slowly pull your legs up to your chest (work those abs), as they get up there, lean back and split your legs so that you are at an upside down open V.

Yeah, totally sucked that up the whole class. And I ended up damaging my already damaged side muscle*.

*fun story about that: I got into a swinging accident back in high school and managed to smack my body into the pole of the swingset and seperated my muscle. It didn't ever go back together, so it hurts it if gets hit.

Every time I got to the lean back part my arms wouldn't bare the weight. WTF baby biceps?!? So it was quite the sitch.

I know what my main focus will be for open pole.

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