Awesome & Awkward Friday

Friday. I never thought I would see you again. I have missed you.

Linking up with Lauren to share the weekly happs!
  • Sometime between Tuesday night and Thursday night someone decided to put a lock on my gym locker that contains my stuff. I always thought that the only risk of me not locking my own stuff was that someone would take it (but who would really want half used makeup and smelly high tops?). I never thought the real risk is that someone would put their lock on it so I can't get in! WTF! If it's still there Saturday then I'll see what I can do about getting it removed before I leave a hate note.
  • A truck almost side swiped me, so I honked so they would know I was already in that spot because I don't want Matil to get beat up. The a hole driving proceeded to flip me off for a good thirty seconds, then when I passed him he swerved his truck at me. That day I almost killed a man. 
  • Steve was introduced to my evil laugh...at his own expense. Sometimes I just can't help but crack jokes, and when I get on a roll it escalates quickly...like me asking him if he just got his period. Which I had forgotten about until he reminded me a few days later, and then I couldn't stop laughing again.
  • Jam was insanely awesome on Thursday. I even got sweat in my eye! The whole gang was back together: Amanda, Katie, Stacey, Warren, & Myself. AND Katie did my fave back half. I love nothing more than dancing to *Nsync, Rihanna, and this song:


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  1. That locker thing. Didn't you have your makeup stolen one other time?!


    Big fat metal snips would do the trick!