Pole R.6

Instead of a typical ab workout we did floor work that highly incorporated the abs. This was way more fun! And yet more challenging then I anticipated.

Floor work
I was so glad we did not traditional ab exercises by working on floor work.
  • Candle Stick - where you lay on your back, roll up so that you are primarily on your shoulder blades and your legs are in the air. Feel free to use your hands to prop yourself up. Engage that core and do some leg work!
  • Front roll - No, not a somersault. I wish. Lay on your stomach, one arm out to the side, the other propped up as if you were doing push-ups, your head facing the direction of the propped up arm. Using your core, start lifting your bum while dragging your legs (if you are in shoes it helps if you are dragging on the platform part) towards your head. Eventually you'll get them close enough that you can tuck your head and roll...or end in candle stick like we were trying to do.
I could not manage to do that effing front roll. My straight armed shoulder hurt so bad from the pressure I was putting on it. It had this weird green bruise for days and felt like I had chipped off part of the bone. And my shoes kept hitting the cushion part at the toe that totes doesn't slide. ugh. I haven't worked on it since that class because I am scared for life from the pain of my shoulders. Hopefully I'll brave it again soon and make it my bitch.

For the spin portion we brushed up on variations of the parachute spin, which is now called the carousal. It's amazing how much easier it is to do with my healed back!
My fave part of class was when we started doing combo spins. We started out in the plank carousal, then pulled our legs into v-spin, before turning that into a climb. I managed to hit the moves on my first try (although not perfectly) and Jackie said I looked a little monkeyish. Which I did, but it was only my first try. It's a little scary taking your legs from V to climb, so I was a little frantic with it and it made me look like a monkey. Whatevs. After a few tries I was looking a lot better.
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