Pole R.7

Last class before performance week.

The previous week and open pole sesh was pretty successful...aside from the whole missing skin on my foot sitch. It's fine. I love being challenged at something that already challenges me. And this is why you should make sure you are competent with your skills on both side. I climb with my right food behind, but now that it's skin-less I can't really do that. I can climb with my left, BUT it's not as graceful. Whatevs.

SO we did our warm up stretching. That was going well and I was pretty limber (sometimes my old body is a little stiff ever since the back incident of 2012), so I had high hopes for this day...until my hip decided to start catching in the socket when it was rotated. Talk about a good time! No. This happens from time to time and I can usually get it snapped back into the correct place, but not today.

This week we reviewed some of the skills that we had already learned and went over some simple filler, floor, and spin moves.

The windmill. We've done the front windmill before (start with the pole on one side, and basically fan kick leading with the outside leg, end up on the other side) and I didn't love it. It's not hard compared to some of the things that I've learned, but my hip flexors give me a bit of trouble and my hamstrings are tight so I don't always get the nice lines that you should.

The variation we did was a bit different. Start behind the pole for filler work, put the inside hip against the pole, then fan kick leading with the outside leg. Yeah, it's pretty similar, but once we add in the hip action my brain seems to shut down and my body doesn't function. Didn't help that I couldn't really swing my left leg with the new hip issue. Irritated is an understatement. I def ended up with the bitchface/furrowed brow combo for the whole class.
And we worked on the spin pole. I haven't practiced enough to be able to control the spin, and fighting my body wasn't helping.

This was the longest class of my life. And not in a Ihadsomuchfunineverwantedittoend kind of way.

Hopefully my hip will reset itself so I can perform next week.

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