Awesome & Awkward Friday

4 day weeks are always my favorite, until they seem like the week that never ends. I've decided to crawl out of my cave and have some socialization lined up for the weekend! Yay for attempting to be less of a weirdo.

  • I got to start my week out with Steve! Monday's aren't so bad when that happens.
  • Since all of my shows are on summer break I have so much time for activities....like season 3 of TVD!
  • After taking it easy, and having many restless nights, my back is feeling better!
  • After a two week hiatus, I jammed on Tuesday. It was so great to dance "Til The World Ends" and go to "Paris."
  • Switched up my workouts, and my shoulders and chest are still sore! I love it.
  • After cooking for Steve last weekend, I am getting the urge to put my baking skills to use.
  • Getting a text from Anna, one of my high school BFFs and fellow Titanic enthusiast, that she inherited a first edition of this book:
So excite to have a reunion so I can get my hands on this thing!

  • I dropped my curling iron on myself again. Hopefully I will remember to wear more clothes when messing with hot objects after this happening twice. It burns.
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1 comment:

  1. That book. So cool. That deserves a blog post on its own once you get to look at it.

    Don't try to "iron" a wrinkle with a curling iron. It only ends badly.