BF Is One F Away From BFF

I haven't been writing much lately. And by much? I really mean not at all.

The problem is Steve.

There I said it.

These last two years blog has been my bff that I share everything with, well most things that I don't mind the general public knowing if they happen to read any posts.

But now that Steve is my BFF in training I share everything with him. And by share, he would probably say over share. Had I been blogging these past few weeks it would end up being basically duplicates of conversations I had with Steve. And it bored me to type it.

But then yesterday I realized that Steve isn't as good as a blog because I can't say "Hey Steve, retell me the story I told you on May 5th." So I can amuse myself with my own words all over again. (Yes, I do crack myself up, whatevs).

 I am not announcing my blog retirement...if that were the case then I would just never write again and I'm sure no one would even notice.

Instead I going to try to get back to documenting my life in the off chance that Steve isn't journaling everything I tell him for me to reference later.
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  1. Anonymous29.5.13

    For the record I have missed your blogs. You are almost always good for a chuckle or two. Besides it is the only way I know what is going on with you.

  2. Jessica, I am SURE Steve is journaling what you tell him. Why wouldn't anyone, you are so interesting. :) I do apologize that you received two of my traits, one- you talk a lot. Sam or even my mother would tell you that I share way to much. Two- you crack yourself up. I probably am the only one that thinks what I say is hilarous! Well all I can say is I am sorry, or maybe I should say you're welcome. :)

    I am glad you and Steve found each other.