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I see B ever day at work, but it's been months since we hung out outside of that.

So she told me we were going to dinner. I'm good at taking direction, so I made sure to keep my Friday clear.

After I hit up the gym for an intense leg workout, and she hit up happy hour, we reunited at RA.

We scored a seat in the lounge that was super romantic for our long awaited date night.

Photo from B's instagram

We laughed our way through dinner, then hit up Target for some swimmy shopping. I was unsuccessful, but I think B found something for the boat trip we have Friday.

Then we continued how any stereotypicall date night does, and hit up the movies. B had been wanting to see Fast 6 but had trouble finding anyone to go with her. I had already seen it opening weekend, but they call me the "Dream Maker" so I took my baby B to see her bf Paul Walker.

I really liked it, but I basically napped through the first half of the movie. When I woke up I decided to get some popcorn to munch on in an attempt to stay awake. While waiting in line someone ran by and tried to purse jack me. I didn't even react beyond grabbing my purse tighter. Luckily it was one of my coworkers, Scottie, that had caught the showing before ours. Should I be concerned that I didn't hardly react? What if that had been a real life situation? I should probably go to self defense again.

While I was chatting with him, Taffy came up behind me and fluffed my skirt. That probably scared me more than getting purse jacked. I see that my priorities lie in protecting my butt rather than my money. Great?

I returned to the theater once again full of life. so we could have a traditional BJ movie viewing = lots of jokes and laughs.
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