On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

B initiated Mean Girls day at work. That's normal right? Like, all late 20somethings are doing that...right? Just us? ok, cool.

So she sent an email to our best girls to spread the word. There were only 3 participants.

These girls must not have seen the movie since they didn't take this seriously.
"You can't sit with us!"
Taffan tried to pass off her red shirt as pink since it's in the same color family. Ummm, no.
Marina had barley visible pink on her dress. Doesn't count.
Kate pained her nails pink. Although it was a lovely shade it didn't qualify.

Should we be concerned with how much I enjoyed telling people they couldn't sit with us? Probably. I guess I'm just a mean girl at heart.

Don't worry it wasn't enforced because this isn't high school.
Jk. We are really nice!

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