I'm On A Boat

Yes, I am living in 2010 (or whenever that song came out).

The contract team celebrated Team Of The Year with a Friday afternoon boat party!

I was thrilled that Ryan invited me to join because I contribute to the team, but in a non sales way.

We started out the day with 2 hours of work because you don't become the best by slacking off! Then we hit up brunch that included bottomless mimosas.

You know it's going to be a crazy day when Bob starts his toast with "This is to gunpowder and pussy." What can I say, I work with an interesting bunch. Life is never boring.

After loads of laughs and delish food, and Derbear informing us that he booked a boat that was covered...and we couldn't get in the water (seriously, who put this fool in charge?) we headed back to work to change and board the party bus.

Wine before noon. Who am I?
Once aboard the boat it was confirmed that there really was a pole. Right about now I was a little suspicious that I might really have been invited to be the entertainment. Great. I hope they at least brought some dollars! (spoiler, they didn't).
Photo from B
The whole day was basically a dance party with flip cup and beer pong mixed in.

One of my co-workers tried to challenge me to a pole off. I was a little nervous since he has more experience than I do, but I basically dominated. This is mainly because 1. I do have skill, 2. he tried to do a side mount thing that he hasn't done in years, and basically face planted. That was the funniest thing that happened all day.

I did a few more tricks and got pretty good reviews. I was pretty nervous about how they'd look because I haven't really poled for anyone outside of the girls at the studio, so I'm really glad I didn't eff it up!
Because Taff and I know how to keep it profesh.
Derbear's family lives on the bay, so he said that we could go over there for pool and sun time since the boat didn't include those things. Finally!

Bob attempted to throw me in (I really didn't want to mess with wet hair), but failed. I basically went stiff as a board and started pulling my weight towards the ground and he couldn't carry me that well. That was a much better tactic than the nut punch I almost went with.
Words can not explain what's happening here. 
The day was pretty fun...minus the ride back.  When your co-workers start dry humping, it's time for me to call it a day. When we got back to the city we dropped most everyone off at the bar,  but I skipped that and went to dinner then rented some movies. Because I'm obviously super cool.

Even though these guys are on my nerves 99% of the time, and I'm appalled by a lot of the things that I experience with them outside of work...I really do love them.

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