Wrap It Up

Since I've waited over a month to finish writing about this...I am resorting to bullet points.

  • "Uncle Stevie, did you break up with your other girlfriend?" That was the first thing Steve's nephew said to him when they showed up at his parents house for bday dinner. I would like to note that Steve didn't answer, so if you see him with another girl you have my full permission (and encouragement) to get ratchet. #girlcode
  • Steve's mom cooked an enchilada lunch and made delicious chocolate cupcakes for Steve's bday.
  • We watched Superman. I am secretly bitter that Tom Welling isn't Superman in the movies. Otherwise, it was alright.
  • Pizza Hut for dinner. I love that S let me have it because it's not his fave pizza, but it's mine and I never get it because cheese bread sticks aren't a well rounded meal. Weird, right?
  • Sunday breakfast with Lindsey and Orion! He's just the sweetest baby boy ever!

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