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BabyMarsh + Me

Steve was at a bach party during his bday weekend, so I came down the following weekend for a delayed celebration. Since his mom was already making two bday desserts, and I was traveling, I had to make due with baking brownies and fitting 75% of them into my ziploc container. I even smuggled (ok, it almost got confiscated) icing through security, only to discover S doesn't like icing. What's wrong with him? It's often the best part. I probably should have remembered this because at Lindsey's wedding he only ate the cake and I only ate the icing.

He picked me up from the airport and we headed to Firehouse to meet up with my long lost BFFs that I haven't seen in about 1.5 years: Kayla and Shep.  Steve had a great time listening to girl talk. Actually, I'm pretty sure he blacked out because he didn't seem to remember a lot of what we discussed. 

Thursday was kicked off with a little of this:

Then lunch at a sushi bar & errands with my mom. She borrowed my phone and commented on how I need a better case like hers because she drops it a lot. Yes, please tell me about how you always drop phones as I hand mine over to you. I was nervous, but luckily it was fine. 

On my way into Dalhart I drove by the disc golf course because I figured Dad would be there instead of home. And I was right. He wasn't expecting to see me that day, so he didn't seem to recognize me at first. Then I stopped by the house to see the step brothers and baby Kimberly before heading over to Grandma's for family dinner.

BabyMarsh might need to be upgraded to ManMarsh because he was in charge of the grilling and did an excellent job. (just kidding, he'll always be BabyMarsh to me!)

Once the wind died down we were able to cook up some s'mores (aka my fave part about visiting home). Grandma had the brilliant idea to use cookies instead of graham crackers. Amazing!

The night ended with a funny game of chicken foot with Marsh & Grandma. Turns out grandma can't count to 8. And I had the opportunity to showboat how gracious of a winner I am.

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