And It's Not Even My Birthday

BUT It was.

The month leading up to my birthday I had my annual life crisis. You know the one: I'm not married, is this something that will happen, is this something that I even want to happen? And kids. Do I even want those? Am I running out of time? What am I doing with my life?

Don't worry, I pulled myself together by the time the big day rolled around and I am currently not experiencing too much anxiety about the above questions.

It was a wonderful day of celebrating me! Kara kicked it off with a midnight text. Dad called my on the way to work. Holly got me a balloon. Matthew got me a donut. Laura a card and macaroon towel that I considered trying to eat. I brought chocolate/chocolate cupcakes. Mom sent me texts, ecards, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, and chocolate covered oreos. Bennida gave me a Christmas bag filled with Reese's and Asian candy. I also received cards from Ashley and Kate.

BUT the best gift award goes to B. She gave me a Husband Hunting kit that was loaded with inside jokes and encouragement. I'm glad she pointed out there was a card, otherwise I would have been a little lost.
Me & B

Jess, Amanda, and Mandy picked me up on the way to my bday dinner so I could catch them up on the last 7 days of my life and such.

After a two hour wait, and Rick working his magic, we were finally seated. It was so nice to have most of my favorite people there.

Our first bar stop was Shot Bar. Typical. Between Amanda, Taffan, and the randos, I managed to have about 7 shots in about 30 min and promptly cut myself off for the night.
Me & Holly (Thanks for the photo Amanda)

At Wonderbar I slammed 4 waters and thought I was going to throw up. Unfortunately I didn't...and ended up sending myself home before midnight.

Matthew was kind enough to get me home safely - which was needed because I remember having trouble recalling my address...and not being able to unlock the door. Def one of my prouder moments. I remember most of our conversation, questions, and answers on the ride home because I was trying so hard to focus...so I hope I'm not blocking out anything awkward that I may have done. Because, let's face it, I'm awkward and straight forward enough without drinking.

Once inside I promptly went to bed, laid across it, and passed out. I woke about an hour later when Mike randomly called me. I think I may have answered "Hello. This is Jessica. Jessica Aragon. Did you mean to call me?" We don't usually talk, so I needed to verify. It was a good convo, but I think I was a little snide with some of my comments. I didn't expect that because I don't have any animosity when it comes to him.

The next day I texted B and she picked me up for breakfast...because I was still drunk.

It was a great birthday...and a reminder of why I typically opt out of drinking.

26 was good, but I think this year will be even better!

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  1. suhweet! best gift award... i didn't even prepare a speech.