Awesome & Awkward Friday

And the silence is broken!

  • I cook ever week, but it doesn't typically go beyond my weekly meal prep of baked chicken and veggies. But Sunday I was feeling extra crazy and made this. Delish! Make it asap.
  • And then I got extra extra cray and made this Monday night. Welcome back old Jes, I sure have missed you!
  • Anyone else watching Dexter? Who do you think the killer is? A lot of the new characters seem super sketch this season, but I'm still betting on Dr. Vogel. 
  • That awkward moment when you are watching the final scene from last weeks Teen Wolf and you start to get choked up because it's so beautiful done, and the music is really bringing the emotion...then you realize that you don't actually watch this show so you have no idea what's going on. Then the next ep start in an all white room that's reminiscent of Harry Potter because three of the main Teen Wolf characters just died to make a sacrifice and you are half expecting to see fetus Voldy, but instead it's a tree stump, and you are like whaaaa? Because once again, you don't actually watch this show.
  • Had a movie date with Holly Thursday night. Mortal Instraments...I just can't. The previews caught my attention, but I wasn't buying into the story.

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