Help Me, I'm Weird.

Solo Date Night
I've always kind of kept to myself. Mass socialization is not something that I'm typically into unless I know 75% of the people there...so this means I have become accustomed to hanging out by myself. Yep, I'm very introverted.

It all started back in college when my boyfriend and I had broken up, I hadn't made friends yet, but the new Underworld movie had just come out and I was dying to see it....so I took myself. 

Since then this has become a typical self activity. I would def say that in the last year I've gone to the movies by myself more than I have with friends. I'm so used to it that I don't even think about inviting anyone until I'm telling my friends about how I spent my weekend. (I'm working on it.)

Ok, so that's kind of odd....but not super weird, right?

Well, since I've been back to living on my own this last year I have also picked up the habit of taking myself to dinner. Sometimes I'll take a book, but often times I'm just chilling by myself.

This only gets obviously awkward when I say my thoughts outloud without realizing it. Def caught a few looks. 

It's not like I'm having a two way convo or anything, but you know.

This has also happened at the gym. The other day I was on my last shoulder set and my left arm just wasn't moving. So I sat down the weight in my right hand, looked at my left arm, poked it and said "well, come on." Didn't mean to say that out loud...and the guy next to me didn't have headphones in so he asked if I was ok, but it seemed like an "are you mentally sound?" ok. So I told him, "Yeah, my shoulder just needs some encouragement."

Am I the only one? Or can all of us weirdos unite?


  1. this is awesome, jen! i have had dinners out with myself but i haven't made it to a movie alone, yet. there have been times that i want to. and, yes, i embarrassingly talk to myself and random things around me all the time.

  2. OR you could just call me when you go eat sushi. I would like to go thank you.