Worst Blogger Ever

Alternately titled "Worst Computer Owner Ever."

So Mac is basically crapping out on me. Like the only things that works is the Internet. And barley. It's slow, and about 90% of websites freeze it up or don't load correctly (blogger being one of them.) It doesn't come back from this freezing and I end up having to force it off by holding down the off button.
Then? when he turns back on. It takes about an hour to boot up. We've had a very long relationship, so I'm not sure why he's betraying me now. (SMALL TEXT) might have something to do with all of the times I've dropped him. Maybe it's best that I don't have children.

In an attempt to revive him I figured I should probably update the operating system, because Steve had mentioned that a few months ago. I'll leave out the gory details of how I discovered this, but basically I'm two system behind.

I know.
I'm dumb.
Like, really, really, dumb.

But I did feel better when I texted B, and she didn't really know what I was talking about..but she's in the same boat with being behind.

I ordered Snow Leopard because I have to update to that before I can get Lion. And apparently it's best to back yo stuff up before doing the whole operating system upgrade thing...so now I need to get an external hard drive. Because yes, I am on the same page as Carrie Bradshaw with the whole backing up thing. Or just lazy and kept putting it off.

I've tried to do posts during my lunch break...but our internet switches between not loading it past the welcome page, to letting me type posts, but only in HTML and I don't really remember any of my basic coding knowledge.

In conclusion: my life is rough due to no fault of my own (obviously kidding)and I have been losing precious life memories since I haven't been able to record them.

(Today is one of the days that Mac is cooperating and letting me into blogger)

Yesterday I got an external hard drive...that mac freezes up on when I try to back up. After a few restarts and hours of giving him time to sort his stuff I said "eff it, let's just upgrade this biatch and hope nothing gets lost in the process." Yeah, Mac has been "finding disks" for the upgrade since yesterday.

I considered just buying a new macbook, but then realized that I actually want all of the stuff that's on my current one so I have to someone fix this one before moving on.

Technology. I hate you.

In (second) conclusion: I may have to take this old school and actually write (by hand) about my life. Do people even do that anymore? So don't worry about me. I'm not dead. I am socializing. I just am having relationship issues with Mac and his incompetencies.

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