Awesome & Awkward Friday

  • To say the last few weeks at work were overwhelming would be an understatement. So I was extra thrilled to not only have my boss back from vacation, but officially relocated to my office! (Seriously, Ang is the best.) I feel like my life is getting back to normal!
  • Holly came to bodyjam with me on Tuesday! 
  • Then she more willingly joined me for back, shoulders, and biceps on Wednesday. Unfortunately she gave herself food poisoning, so the workout was cut short.
  • Next week Vampire Diaries returns! Rewatched the last ep yesterday and forgot how lovely the Kloraline and Delena scenes were. Ohhhh love.
  • OMG. How has this not been mentioned in the first point? Dexter series finale? I die. Almost like Deb. I didn't not see that coming. I cried. Like ugly cried. It was too much. And then the show turned into Wolverine Origins. hmmmm. I felt very conflicted about it. BUT then I read some of the writers interviews about why/how they came up with the ending and now I feel at peace about it.
  • And finally...The Challenge: Rivals 2. Such a good season. I suppose that's actually code for a whole season of Wes and CT. And they won! It was a first for CT, and redemption for Wes because it's been a long while since he won. I was so thrilled to see that they overcame their animosity and are like friends now. It was beautiful!

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