I feel in love with Native at first preview, so when tickets went on sale for their Houston stop I had to go!

I turned it into a date night and went to Blue Fish (I think) since it is right outside the venue. By the end of the meal I remembered why I had only been there once...and added a few reasons as to why I won't be hurrying back. 

Sara Brailles opened up the show. Her set was good, she sounded great, and she was pretty funny. I really like her songs but they are pretty calming....so I may have taken a nap. Mind you, it had also been a long rough week at work. 

I was so excited when One Republic took the stage. They started the first song behind a white curtain with a lot of lights and shadows singing "Light It Up." It was full of energy and def woke me up!

They sang just about every single, past hits, and even did a really cool cover of "Gold Digger."

My personal faves were:

  • Counting Starts
  • If I Lose Myself
  • What You Wanted
  • Feel Again
  • I Lived
  • Can't Stop
I had accompanying videos, but Blogger isn't cooperating.

If you don't have the record, then go out and buy it ASAP. AND see them in concert if given the chance.

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