What Happens In Padre Doesn't Stay In Padre

But alas, they are not my stories to share, so this will be more of a G rated post.

  • Had a fun flight with Ashley and Marina.
  • I actually got into the ocean and didn't get eaten by a shark! But almost lost my bottoms to the waves; Bennida got an eyeful.
  • Delish dinner followed by a classic Bob speech.
  • First night out we had a failed attempt to make friends with a bachelorette party. 
  • Ash and I had to climb the wall to get into the condo.
  • "It's just my allergies....I don't have allergies."
  • Finding Bob's shirt on the beach first thing Saturday morning.
  • Taking a picture of the itinerary because questions are not allowed.
  • Boats and Hoes = isolations.
  • Best part of my day? DQ blizzard.
  • A nice calm dinner with Holly and the boys.
  • "Stupid cute."
Me & Holly
  • Watching the show once everyone else showed up. It was a mix of Real World & MTV Spring Break.
  • Late night Denny's with Benid and Amanda is always a good way to end the day.
  • Getting tips from Derek's cooking school.
  • And repaying him by busting jokes on him all day.
Overall it was a good trip. My favorite moments were def starting each day by watching the sunrise on the beach and having a solo breakfast. It was so beautiful and calm before entering into the craziness that lied ahead.

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