Fburg Round 3

After sitting out last years trip, I thought I'd give Fburg another go.

The highlights:
  • Road tripping with Ash, Rox, and Kate was the best thing to happen to me.
  • McCall taking the Helen Keller shot like a champ.
  • Getting to Buc's 2.5 hours before Karaoke starts = McCall and I singing with dead mics to pass the time. Where is our record deal?
  • Karaoke/DJ finally came on and was the worst even. He blocked my request to sing Justin Bieber. Really? At least he allowed my emotional rendition of O-towns "All or Nothing" including the microphone flip.
  • An empty dance floor except for me & Roxanne rapping out Drake's "No New Friends."
  • Froot Loops & 5 hour energy for breakfast so the girls and I could hit the road by 8am.
Even though I gave away more than half of my wine tastings, I still had a pretty good time, made some fun new memories & jokes, and even a few new friends.

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