No Roofies. No New Friends. We Run SF.

San Fran was more fun than I could have imagined. I'm so glad that Amanda went with me and that we had cameos from Rick all weekend.

The weather was a little cold, but soooo good!

Pre San Fran my keys and wallet were stolen, so this was a bit of a challenging trip. Sadly, I don't have a passport, or any photo ID other than the paper license I got at the DMV. (So please stop asking me if I have any other ID, I obvs would have started out with that!)

After minimal push back from security, and almost missing my flight, I managed to make it to San Fran! I shared a cab with a random fellow runner, checked into the hotel with some difficulty (because of the ID), then went straight to the expo to get my number!

Amanda arrived a while later and met me at the Nike Store. After grabbing lunch at the cutest burger place that shamed me for paying with cash we headed to the bike shop to bike the Golden Gate Bridge!
We had such a good time, especially with the wrong turn bonus hill I added. By the time we hit the Salsolido check point the sun had set, it was cold, and we decided that the Forest we had talked about biking to might have turned into the Forbidden Forest, so we grabbed the ferry back.

We were pretty tired (I had been up since 4:30a Texas time), but decided to throw off the PJs, popped out old lady hips back into place, and meet up with Rick and some of the San Fran office at HiFi.

Naturally the door man turned me away because of my ID, but Amanda used that sweet Louisiana accent to sweet talk him (or show him the business) until he agreed to let me in. We had a blast, saw a magic trick (and the wire used for the trick. Can't fool us!), got accused of being bottle rats (which we aren't. We actually did know the person the party was for, a lot of the guests, and are your co-workers from the Texas office, dick.), didn't get roofied, gave the stink eye to thirsty girls (#girlcode), didn't end up locked in a basement, and danced harder than anyone else on the floor. Basically, we made HiFi our bitch.

We stopped for food on our way home and talked about boys...and Amanda's disagreement with my choice. Then we managed to tell the taxi driver the wrong hotel (surprisingly not the first time that happened that day. Majestic and Mystic are just too close in name), but finally made it home after 24 hours of being awake.

Naturally I woke up a few hours later at 7am so we went to breakfast. I don't think the fellow guests appreciated our energy, songs, and dance. Surprisingly that is my life even when I am sober.

A few more hours of sleep and we were ready to hydrate and take a bus tour of San Fran. This was Amanda's first San Fran trip, and I feel terrible that we had a bad driver. He would give us half stories and facts, and we didn't always know what he was talking about.

We had a late dinner, due to the 2 hour wait at Cheesecake Factory, with Rick. I was surprised he didn't hangry rage at us or fall asleep waiting for our table. I did get to hear about how he used to rescue stuffed animals when he was little. That was a pretty cute story.

We were back at the hotel before 10p so I could prepare for race day. I was so afraid I was going to sleep through my alarms and miss the race (I had a few nightmares about that) so I barley slept and kept checking my phone like a crazy person. Hey Amanda, sorry I kept waking you up too!

Race day finally arrived! I was nervous because I wasn't hill prepared. But I kept reminding myself that this one was for fun. No need to speed through it since there were so many inclines I would need energy for. The weather was great. It's crazy how different my body feels running there compared to Houston. I could feel my muscles getting worked, but nothing started hurting until mile 10. The last 3 made me want to lay down and die. Ok, that's an exaggeration. They weren't that bad, but my hips were getting tighter with every step, my arches were starting to feel the pressure, and my phone decided to take a nap so I was mentally trying to stay calm about how I was going to find Rick and Amanda using only telepathy.

I was excited to finally see the finish....until I got a few feet past it to find it was backed up getting through the chute. Patience were not on my side at this point. Seriously, WTF were people doing? Must we stop for every finisher to take a picture with the tuxcedo clad fireman handing out the necklaces? I didn't think so. I just wanted my necklace, food, and room to strech. I was freezing and my body was starting to stiffen up. When I fiinnnnaaallllyyyyy got to the front, the lady behind me asked if I wanted her to take my picture. I told her I wasn't necessary because I didn't want a picture with a strange, although attractive, man. So I grabbed my necklace and carried on to find Rick and Amanda so we could head home.

After a shower I was ready to continue our vacation, so we headed to the Stinking Rose for lunch. That was the longest walk of my life, but I took it like a champ. We then walked to Fisherman's Wharf for some Ghiradelli ice cream, sea lion watching, and just hanging out. As the day went on the pain and stiffness started to set in. And I may have had a mini fit after we were asked to leave a bar because of my ID. I didn't even want to drink, I just wanted to sit!

I was exhausted and was in bed before 8p because I had an early flight and a surprise full body pat down waiting for me.

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