Are We Gonna Get Kidnapped? Or Nah?

My whole Saturday was pretty amaze!
I kicked it off with a few chapters of Divergent, Jam with Taffan, Sven, Sabrina, and FINALLLLLYYYYY Amanda! Followed that up with pump when Kate and Rox joined!
After an exhausting hour of throwing heavy shit around I had lunch (or a rice krispy as big as my head) with Amanda, Sven, Sabrina, and Corey at Central Market. It was my first time to talk to Amanda since she got back from Hong Kong so I was pretty excite about it. It was a sweet two hours of good stories and watching baby Joy move.
I then ran a few errands while chatting with my mom, then back home for more Divergent, an accidental nap, and of course more Divergent.
And finally the much anticipated (or anticipated for 24 hours since that's when we made plans) girls night!
I picked up Taff and we headed to Cyclone's for dinner with Roxanne, Ashley, and a few of her friends. The conversation was amusing, as always, and lots of laughs were shared. We then hit up Hughes Hanger to get the dance party started and so I could twist my ankle. I'm a trooper so that didn't stop the party! A little after Kat and her friend showed up we relocated to what was supposed to be Nox.
Alright, so we hop in my car and Taff maps Nox. We park in a shady parking lot (that's not paved and is all lose rocks and gravel) and walk to this building that looks like a place that people go to die. We get in the door and see there are maybe 20 people there, and the doorman tried to charge us a $10 cover. Ummm... no thanks. Taff and I want to leave and get a parking refund, but Kat gets the fee waved so we go in. The whole scene was weird. Turns out it's called Fox Hollow. We stayed about 30 min before throwing in the towel and heading to Kung Fu.
Turns out Kung Fu is the main place everyone still goes on Washington. We even ran into ex-intern Matt!
All in all it was another great night with the girls. Lots of good and sketchy memories were made!

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