"What Do You Want To Bet? Your Soul?"

I didn't have plans Friday night, so when Kate mentioned that she was going to Midtown with some of the boys after work I hopped on it.

Kate hung out for a bit, along with her dog child Collin, but then went home and that left the boys +me.

I had no desire to call it a night so the 5 of us went back to Fletch's for some pool, cards, and magic tricks.

I did alright in my one game against Fletch, but I'm pretty sure he scratched on purpose so I could win. But I'll take it!

Then we played a round on bull shit, and attempted betting on hands of black jack. Every hand you lost = a swig of whisky from James' flask. Good thing I actually like Whisky, although I don't prefer it straight. But it was guy time, so I followed the rules.

Around midnight we decided to hit up Washington to dance. Daniel has appropriately nicknamed me Jungle Dance. haha.

We rolled up to 8 (a favorite spot a few years ago) and there were two people there. This isn't even an exaggeration. Two people other than the bartenders. I just cracked up and snap chatted it to B.

So we moved next door to Bricks. It wasn't even half full and the crowd was weird so we stayed for a drink and some awkward dancing.

Our last attempt to salvage the dance party was Roosevelt. Aaaannnnnndddd it was also half empty and no one was dancing. The bar is basically just a dance floor with a few tables around it. What? the eff. We didn't let that stop us, and instead took advantage of the spacious dance floor! The 5 of us danced like fools for the next 2 hours and it was awesome! Well, 4 of us...Stephen isn't a dancer.

James did try to get everyone in the bar to dance the last 15min (he seriously went up to everyone and tried to get them hyped) but wasn't successful. But he did mange to get into an arm wrestling match and win. So there's that.

I finally managed to drop the boys off, including a quick stop at McDonalds, and made it home by 3:30. I was exhausted but had the best time! I will always be down for boys night so long as they will have me!

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