My First Rodeo

Mike finally came to Texas. He had training and it coincided with the Houston Rodeo.

It's weird, but nice, how my relationship has evolved with Mike over the years. Right now we are in the friendship stage.

He didn't have anything to do Wed after work so I invited him to the gym with me. I didn't think he'd accept. He did. It was so weird/ surreal / I'm not sure which word to use here to have him in my car and at my gym as if this was everyday life. We talked about his experience with the crack heads downtown ( I didn't think to warn him not to leave his hotel at night) and how he doesn't like Houston because everyone is really nice...except me but he says that's why we get along. (Thanks?)

Friday night I met with Mike and his college friend bff Coop (who actually lives in Houston) so we could head to the Rodeo. I was pretty excited because I hadn't been before, and after all of the new things that Mike has introduced me to it was pretty cool to have the tables turned.

I really liked the events and will def go again. Watching Mike was like watching a kid at Christmas. He kept taking video, rewatching it, and sharing it with us. We then hit up the fair for a bit so the boys could try their hand at the games. It was pretty amusing.

After the rodeo we hit up Midtown for a non stop dance party. Coop & Mike decided to keep their rodeo gear on, bolo ties and cowboy hats included. When people would point out how they looked like Cowboys they would start using their southern accents. I couldn't believe how many people thought they were authentic.

He says that he's a hard core New Yorker and will never leave, but I really think he would like Houston.

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