I always thought I wanted to be married and maybe have kids, but at this point I'm lacking a worthy partner and time is against me because I don't want to rush into either part out of desperation.

Because desperate is the last thing that I am - otherwise I'm pretty sure I could have accomplished the whole husband thing by now.

I have managed to set up a full life for myself. I have activities and hobbies, and loads of friends that keep me busy. (I've been exhausted this whole year because my weekends are typically packed with socialization not leaving much room for sleep or naps.)

But then Sunday afternoon comes. And you will typically find me on the couch netflixin. Board out of my mind. Thinking that these are the exact moments that I need a companion (You know, and when my light bulbs go out and I'd rather have someone else change them for me). When I just want to sit and do nothing, or talk about non sensical things. But alas, it's just me.

So I tried to remedy this and spent some time dating this year  I've been on a few first dates this year and cancelled and didn't reschedule a few more. No second dates. The first dates weren't bad, they just weren't "the one," or at least the next one. And I just can't be bothered to force something to happen - who has the time and energy to play pretend?

So this brings me to this: I'm exhausted! I'm tired of meeting new people and making small talk - sometimes the same conversations just different participants. I just can't be bothered anymore.

So if you are out there, it's your turn to come find me.

And when you do, you probably won't get this response:

I'm far too irritated at this point...so it will be more of a "Where the eff have you been? You are soooo late! I'm glad you finally showed up, but WTF?!?" But once I get that out, you'll totally love hanging out with me...FOREVER.

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