2014 - The Year of I Do What I Want

Wow. Reflecting back on this year there are a lot of good times, a lot of sketch times, and a few "the eff was that" moments.

  • Kicked off the year with a girls NYE.
  • Went to Vegas for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time. It turns out I love it. Vegas is my spirit animal.
  • Tender. wasn't as weird as I thought. Had a few dates, just not any love matches.
  • 2nd Annual Forever Alone Together dinner on Valentine's day. (Yes, this is real thing that we do)
  • Mike came to town and we went to the rodeo for the first time.
  • RPM training = also getting to hang out with Daryl. (I miss being college neighbors!)
  • Lived #ravelife for a couple of weeks. and it was awesome!
  • Marshall graduated High School.
  • BodyJam Training in San Antonio where I almost suffered death by house tap.
  • Miami. and that time that I lost my purse, shoes, and self. All was recovered!
  • Les Mills Quarterly in NOLA. #lesmillsbesties #lesmillsbff 
  • Got my certs in both RPM and Jam and started teaching!
  • Added some new (and old) hobbies: rollerblading, pole, parkour
  • Britney Spears: Piece of Me. She's really back. SHE'S REALLY BACK!
  • Other concerts: Local Natives, Kings Of Leon, Beyonce + Jay-Z, Christina Perri, One Republic, Backstreet Boys, Drake v Lil Wayne.
  • And ended the year with Rick and Jason at Red Door.

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