Last year I didn't really know what I wanted to do with the year, so I didn't even bother with a goal post. The only goal I had started to tinker with was getting RPM certified, but was still undecided. Not only did I accomplish that, I overachieved and got certified in BodyJam also! I'm going to go ahead and give myself an A+ on accomplishing 2014 goals. The grading system might be biased, but who is going to stop me?

So onto goals for 2015:

  1. Get It Tight, Get It Right: since I've become a bit of a marshmallow I'm going to get back to my serious workout life and stop eating whatever the fck I want. Simple as that.
  2. Run: basically just run. I took off all of last year after I was physically and mentally damaged from the San Fran hills, but I'm ready to get back to it. And probably run a race because I used to have so much fun doing that stuff with Kari.
  3. Bitches in Kitchens: I've kind of fallen off with baking and cooking. The plan is to cook at least once a week, and bake once a month. Easy does it.
  4. Pole: Words can't even express how well this isn't going. I've lost my invert and my semi smooth dancing skills (I blame rave life, house tap doesn't translate to the pole). So obvi I'll be going to my regular weekly class, but will also be dimming the lights and putting in some practice at home. 
  5. Parkour: basically I want to be on this level by the end of the year:             Or at least not be separated into the parkour babies group. It's one of the more challenging and frustrating things I've done, but I also kind of love it.
  6. Dating: I'm going to continue not really worrying about this, and just continue living my life. Done.
  7. Just continue being open to new activities and experiences.

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