Perm TOTY 2014 - Austin Trip


 I was honored to have been invited to celebrate the perm's Team of the Year win with a weekend in Austin.

Katie and I joined the party at 3:30 on Friday. We were armed with booze and high hopes for the weekend....and apparently an illusion that we could still party like we were 21.

Awkwardly, not all of the rooms were ready. I'm talking they were still painting the walls, carrying in furniture and assembling beds when we left for Stubb's after 8p. At least the bought us loads of pizza as an effort to apologize.

The opening band at Stubb's was great! But we had met our country music quota for the weekend and headed to Buckshot for a dance party, shots, shots, and more shots compliments of Laura.

We shut down the bar then headed back to the room to risk getting high off of paint fumes while trying to get some sleep.

The next morning was rough and reminded us that my room was all part of the over 25 club. After a refreshing breakfast at IHOP and more lounging we started our micro brew tour. I'm not a beer fan, but I did try a few sips....which only further proved that I'm not a beer fan. BUT I am a food truck fan! We had delish sausage wraps that brought us all the way back to life just in time for our first pints. The highlight for me? The super cool glasses we got from  Austin Beerworks.

After a 4 hour nap we rallied and met the team at Rio. It was the best time! I'm talking a 4 hour non-stop dance party!

Since my dance party was fueled with half of a 5 hour energy, and two vodka redbulls, I felt great when I woke up Sunday...except that I had a restless night of sleep due to all of the energy drinks raging in my system.

Katie and I wrapped up the weekend with a delish brunch at Kerby Lane with one of her life long friends and one of mine. It was so great to see Lindsay and catch up on life details like her recent engagement and upcoming wedding!

In conclusion: I love the perm team, the over 25 club, and dance parties. 2015 is already killing it.

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