Today Was A Good Day

This morning Brittany texted me that Emma gasped "I love Jessica!" when she found out I was coming over to hang out with her tonight. I knew it would be a good day.

After my BodyJam class Emma even called me to talk about how we were going to play with My Little Pony that night. It was so sweet!

After an afternoon nap I headed to the burbs to hang out with Em and Logan so B+C could go to a work holiday party. As soon as they left Emma asked if she could have candy...she always does this and it cracks me up. Of course I gave her some!

Then we played with Dolph Dolph and Armadillo - she sprinkled rainbow pixie dust so they could fly around the living room. Then we added My Little Pony to the mix.

Before bed we played a few rounds of dress up. Emma was disappointed that not even her princess shoes would fit me. She did give it good effort.

My favorite part of the night is always the bedtime story. I've gotten pretty good with diversifying my character voices over the years to keep her entertained.

It still blows my mind that I knew her before she was born, and that Britt and I would sit on the couch and watch her move while Harry Potter played in the background. And now she's this three year old full of attitude and personality!

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