Ok. Do you remember doing love calculators in you notebooks instead of taking notes? Playing MASH in home room? or creating a paper fortune teller so you would know which boy you would kiss? Well, it turns out none of that stuff comes true when you are using JTT, Devon Sawa (who is still totally cute and on a few episodes of Nikita), Jonathan Jackson, and Rider Strong. Who knew??

Anyway, I found this awesome online (we didn't have this kind of technology back in the day) love calculator. And since it's online, it must be totally legit. Right?

Check it out here. It compares many of your signs: astrological, Chinese, mode, element, planet, and gives you the deets about that person. Again, obviously legit.

FYI. out of the three Rider is my best match at 88%. I love you Shawn Hunter!

So if you are having a love conundrum, let the Love Calculator be your guide.

***although it's usually a credible source, it can sometimes say you are 94% compatible and be wrong. Those are very rare circumstances.


  1. 89% ain't bad since I'm marrying the guy. Says "this match will be one [of] the best."

  2. I would say that 89% is great! and the Love Calculator is omniscient after all.