NKOTBSB (wait a second, that doesn't sound right!?!)

New Kids On The Back Street Boys. I feel that the name mesh kinda give the wrong impression. Bet they didn't even think about that.

Last weekend B and I were able to make my Jr. High (and High school) dreams come true by finally seeing a boy band in concert! I have been a BSB fan since about 5th grade. NKOTB, umm....not so much. They are a little before my time.

Going into the concert I told B that this should be a more tame crowd when compared to when I went to see the Biebs because the audience should be older people and not small girls screaming and crying. B then informed me that it's going to be a lot of people our age and wished I would call them old. Sometimes I forget that I'm in my mid twenties. oops!

I was wrong. Well, Kinda. It was a lot of people our age and tons of Mom's (when I saw Mom's, I am referring to people around my mom's age). And they? were outta control! So many of them dressed in their 80s and 90s finest to commemorate the occasion. And were drunk. haha.

The girls sitting in front of us had their hair twisted back with butterfly clips (Tiff and I used to be the master at that look). At first we thought they did it as a joke, but the more we observed them, I swear they stepped out of a 1997 time machine. They were a little awkward.

I have never laughed so much at a concert before! In between the pelvic thrusting to the crying ladies, it was awesome!

My fave moments:

  • The BSB turned the lights on the audience so they could get a look at the fine Texas women. B acted like she was going to flash them. (This is also funny because previously some creeper was checking us out at a red light and she thought about getting her boob out and playing with it so he would stop.) I guess it was just a boobs out day for her. haha!
  • BSB brought 4 women up on stage, and I didn't make the cut (WTF Nick?). One of the ladies was probably at least 25, and crying like crazy. Our whole row was cracking up at her. Not to say I would have kept it completely cool, but girl? when you cry you can't experience the full hotness of the BSB. get those tears out of yo eyes!
  • Another girl had total creeper face (it was awesome!) as she whipped out her camera and started snapping photos of them while she was on stage. Yes, I would totally do that too. Just the face made it priceless.
  • The 20 pelvic thrusts from NKOTB made me awkward laugh. Almost as bad as the O-town microphone stand. ha.
  • Joey almost started crying during his ballad. (He's always doing that...) He also shouldn't do that because he doesn't have a super cute Brook Davis crying face.

It was also the bomb when they used their original dance moves. For the most part they still moved pretty good, but Nick was def MVP. 

And yes, I was screaming like a crazy person. You can probably hear me in the background of B's video's screaming "I love you Nick!"

The only thing that could have made this better? If O-town had also been there. I would have died.

***I don't have pictures because my camera has failure to capture in concert situations.


  1. yes, i can hear you screaming in the videos bc i just checked... hahaha

  2. Ooooh girl, don't even get me started on your comment about how NKOTB was "before your time" ;) Lins is your age and to this day she is still super jealous that I got the Jordan Knight doll while she got his less attractive brother Jonathan doll for Christmas one year.

    I would definitely have been one of those crying girls, I can't even begin to tell you how many times we watched the "NKOTB Hangin' Tough live in concert" when we were kids, and I'm prettttty sure the vid is still lying around somewhere at our Memaw's house! Glad you had a blast!

  3. Jen - haha. I think Lins is down with NKOTB because she was fortunant to have an older sister! THe doll story is hilarious!

  4. despite the fact this happened forever ago i clearly have to comment!

    IM STILL mad they didn't pull me up on stage for the ballad, i mean COME ON!

    it was seriously the funnest concert I have ever been to. It did help that donnie wahlberg kept his shirt of 99% of the time. yum.