*cough, cough* I'm sick.

But for reals. Not the fake Mean Girls way.

I don't know what happened, but my immune system failed me Monday evening. At first I thought it was just a wicked headache, until we were heading home from the fireworks and I realized that my body hurt all over. WTF Immune system? You are usually so reliable!

KAREN: I can’t go out. [fakes cough] I’m sick.
REGINA: Boo, you whore
Anyway, I went to the Dr. Tuesday and was told I have a throat infection it's just not called strep or mono. Whatever. I would have been GTG but I had a fever. :( I would share with you the explanations for my sickness that B and I came up with, but I don't think the blog world possesses the same sick sense of humor we have and you would probably find it inappropriate (so would my mother. I hope she doesn't follow this blog!).

I am now on a Z-pack and taking Tylenol/Advil to keep my fever down. I think I might be immune to that because my fever has been holding on strong! I have missed work 3 days now. The first day was ok because I was in and out of consciousness due to my high fever. I'm also sure it burned away a few of my brain cells***. Fantastic! But day 3 is killing me! I am literally baned from work until my fever breaks. I don't blame them, I just hate missing! I'm probably going to have a panic attack when I open my email tomorrow (God willing my fever doesn't come back in the morning and sneak attack me again).

***side store about that: A few years ago I had a bad case of strep. It hit me like like a freight train. I went from good to a fever of 104 in the blink of an eye. I literally couldn't stay awake. The next day I had my marathon mentor drive me to the Dr. because I was too dizzy to do it safely. Anyway, that turned into bronchitis, then I was healed, then I had a strep relapse a week later. WTF? What a great timing with it being the month before my first marathon. To wrap it up, if you look at my grades before the sickness and after, there is a def difference. I'm pretty sure that having that high fever for over 12 hours fried my brain. (end side story)***

Someone told me that I should be happy to be home since my dream is to be a Trophy Wife (don't judge me), but this is not the same. As a stay at home wife I would actually be able to do shiz, like workout, shop, have lunch with my other stay at home friends, bake, etc. This? is like being held prisoner. I just hurt all over and can't even get motivated enough to feed myself. PLEASE SEND FOOD! or ice cream!

This is the trophy wife life I had in mind, not sicky and icky.

And B is out of town, so I'm just alone all day! AHHHHHH!

Cons to B leaving me

  • I don't have someone to feed me and give me meds when I'm passed out because of my fever.
  • I don't have someone to entertain me in the evenings.
  • I could die and no one would know for days. Yikes!
Pros to B leaving me
  • Every day is naked day! (I really missed having that)
  • B doesn't have to worry about getting sick
  • I can go to Taco Cabana. haha.
  • Did I mention that clothing is now optional?
Feel free to send me get well soon flowers, cards, candy, ice cream, or whatever. It would be most appreciated! 

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