We got Grey Goosed!

Twice. Who knew there were so many ways for this to happen?!? I'm sure there are many more, and I'm sure that B and I will find out!

Grey Goosed #1
Taffan had a table at Ei8ht and invited B and I along. I saw these guys on the dance floor eyeing our grey goose and when they thought no one was looking they grabbed it over the wall and took off. WTF, did that just happen?!? I told Taffan and we took off after them. Luckily security had seen the whole thing and got them before we did. We got "grey goosed."

Grey Goosed #2 
This time we had a table at Red Door. We had already been out for hours when Ewelina decided to start giving shots straight from the bottle. B said no, but Ewelina gave it to her anyway. That is what pushed B over the edge. She got "grey goosed." haha. I too drank from the bottle because I didn't want to be the baby ass that said no. Don't worry, with the help of a taxi I got me and honey B home safely.

Check our J Def's Flag. It's over 100 yrs old.

  • We finally met McCall and Ewelina and love them both!
  • Rachael
  • "What?! What?! What?!"
  • "I'm so excited I could bite you" is for real. haha. 
  • OMG, my butt was out.
  • playing telephone is still super fun even though I'm not good at remembering 5 lines of a rap. whatevs.
  • taking a bite of every fry I fed to Jes. (must be a Noah's ark thing).
  • Me-"let's go dance." B-"OK." as she grabs her purse and heads for the exit. haha.
  • "Who's the sluttier dancer?" Jes points to me. I don't know about that after what I saw Sunday!
  • "I think we are the only ones that forgot to bring our boobs today."
  • Double teaming breakfast with Jes. So fun!
Marc & S - at St. Arnold's Brewery 
Me + Jes
We went to the Astros. They lost. But it was still fun since I got cotton candy!

Leaving our mark on Boondocks.

I made bomb krispy treats for J Def's BBQ. They were so good that I couldn't help but eat them on the way over.

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