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During girls night out with Laffy Taffy and B something strange happened.

We were taking shots and I felt something in mine. I figured it was a piece of ice that slipped through the shaker. It wasn't. It was a screw. Not one, but two. Two screws in my shot. At first I tried to rationalize it and think that maybe it was a new weird thing they started doing, but that obviously didn't make any sense. Why do they even have screws at the bar? B & LT's shots had what looked like a green bean in it. WTF Wonderbar?

B took it to the bartender and he looked at us as if I had slipped screws into the shot myself. Why would I do that? Maybe he watched the movie Heart Breakers where the con-duo broke glass and put it in their meals to get it free. I don't know. But that's just crazy.

He gave us a free round of shots to remedy the situation and to double as a tetanus shot.

I guess you could say I got screwed at the bar. I hate when that happens.

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