Holiday Photo Roundup

Today you will be spared my random ramblings, and instead just get to enjoy some photo memories.

Lucky You!

Me and Marsh 
I swear he loves me.

Papa and Santa

Jarret & JoJo - fellow members of the kids table.

Marsh showing why we belong at the kids table.

Marsh & Papa

Gma cheesin for the camera.

Marsh trying to block Papa from jackin his cash.

Looks like he wasn't successful.

Wayyy too excited for my DS shirt.

But can you blame me? They are the bomb.com
Me & Kara

And Again.

Donut Stop High School Reunion!

Kara, Kayla, Tiff, & Me

Kara & Me

CHS Reunion Dinner - Kara, Shep, Me, & Kayla

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