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Sit back and relax, because this is a long one!

You know it's going to be an amusing weekend when Jes is texting me before my 7p flight about how she thought it was already 11p because they had been out for hours. And I land to a message from Steven asking me what I'm doing (even though he knows I'm in the air) and leaves me his number twice...just in case I don't have it.

Mike picked me up from the airport and gave me a box of Godiva chocolates. He def knows the way to my heart! haha.

Saturday Mike & I had breakfast for lunch. The pancakes were alright but no where near as good as Jes's Pan-Kits. Mike tells me I'm not easily pleased...he's probably right. We walked around what might have been the meat packing district, not sure. That afternoon we finally met up with Steven + Jes, Marc, and Ian! I missed her so much! I hadn't seen her since Monday and it was now Friday! But the way we embraced each other? You would have thought it had been months and months. haha. I hadn't seen Marc since July, so it was good to see him again. And I hadn't met Ian, but now I'm glad that I have because he was such a delight.  We went back to Marc's apt which is just adorable. It's more stereotypical New York in size and I loved it. But if I lived there with B, then we would probably have Hunger Gamed each other by now.

**Side Note: Marc lives on like the 160th floor, of which we had to take stairs (Ok, maybe it was the 6th). Thought I was going to die every time. But I do think all of the stairs contributed to JesJes success with squats and lunges at BP this week!
NYC. I think I kinda like you.
We finally made our way to Bryant Park for some much needed ice skating! I hadn't been skating in years and managed not to fall. Pretty stoked about having all of my bones and fingers still in place and attached to my body! After skating Jes and I had a two person flash mob on the steps at Bryant Park. Yes, we are that cool. Pretty sure it was S that looked at us, said he didn't know us, and started to walk away.

For dinner we met up with some of Marc's friends and went to one of his fave Italian places by his apt. It was good, but I wasn't impressed. However, the bread and oil was delish! We then went to some bar...maybe called Veranda...I would obviously be a poor tour guide due to my lack of attention to detail. I had so much fun with the gang! It was like 4th of July weekend, but even better! I forgot how much fun we all have together. and Schmidt Ian is a great addition.
JesJes (Jes & Me)

Saturday I had the best bagel of my life (thanks Mike!) and went to my first profesh Hockey game (sorry LBK, I don't count that one time I went to see whatever you call your team). It was pretty interesting. I liked the fast paced nature, but still not something I would ever willingly watch on TV. On the way back into the city Mike drove us through the town he grew up in. It was a pretty presh town and had a great view of NY.
The Islanders dominated!
Once back I headed over to SJMI. I met them at a bar, maybe Schindlers? Within seconds of me showing up I had S+J on either side of me caressing my hair and talking about how nice it was. Yay for Sister Wives! We took separate cabs back to Marc's place...or so we thought. Really Marc and Ian went to pick up a friend and ended up going to two bars (Ian later leaked that info). So S+J and I chilled on the building steps. S bought us mini Christmas trees and some lotto tickets. We all lost. By the time M & I showed up Jes was laying on the sidewalk taking pictures.
Sad he just spent $50 on losing tickets. :(
Triple Million Losers
Marc, Jes, Me
We all got ready, missed dinner, and headed to 49 Grove for New Years:
  • "We found love"
  • Jes got Grey Goosed. The culprit? Herself.
  • Is it almost midnight? Did I miss it?
  • Save the PLT for home!
  • S gave a champagne shower to a stranger...on accident. awesome.
  • Hand feeding Jes as many meatballs as I could get my grubby little hands on.
  • "I really love you, and I'm not just saying that because I'm drunk!" Don't worry, I love you too Jes!
  • Condo guy talking about his condo.
  • Condo guy asking if I would be his New Years kiss. Flattered, but no.
  • Condo guy throwing up on the table...Thank goodness we were done with it. but still, eww.
  • Tricking Jes into thinking her OJ is really a mimosa.
  • Employees Only - delish strawberry champagne, or whatever it was.
  • S dragging Jes home. Maybe if he did BP with us, then it would have been easier.
  • "I hate complimenting you because I'm so mad at you!"
Condo Guy, Jes, Steven

My flight landed a little after midnight Monday morning. I finally got home after 1a to find B waiting up for me! We spent the next three hours rehashing the weekend adventures as well as the last two weeks since we had alternating holiday schedules and hadn't seen each other in a while.

Other Rando's:
  • Saw SJP's apt from SATC.
  • And the library where Big left her at the alter...awkward.
  • I tried muscles, and it actually wasn't too bad.
  • Thanks for not putting a roofie in my drink, Marc.

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