Mugatu, my iPod shuffle, has betrayed me. Here's the deal: Since I don't have a cubical anymore I brought my iHome back home and would plug in my iPod in the morning to help get BJ House pumped for the day. That was going really well until I decided to purchase more music and of course sync it on to Mugatu. Well, that dirty B refused to sync based on some error. I let that go on for a few days when I got the brilliant idea to restore my iPod and start from scratch. Yeah, now it's won't sync the music from the past two years, but it'll add everything before that. WTF?!?

I really couldn't handle my running play list only including 7 songs, so I bought a shuffle. A baby sized pink one - mini Mugatu. The pink is not as cute as the nano, but whatevs.

I get home all jazzed about getting my running mix on there so I can work out some stress, oh and I have a few races coming up, only to be grey goosed by Mackie (my Mac. Creative name, I know.). That hooker refused to recognize that MM (mini Mugatu) was plugged in. I made sure the software was up to date, tried both USB ports, restarted my computer, and nothing. Nothing worked. At this point I started crying out of frustration. I just wanted to run to some good tunes but I had been dealing with my new problem child too long and it was my bedtime.

THEN the next morning I got up to hit the treadmill at 5:30a, and the effing apt gym was locked. WTF is that? Last week I went at 5:15 and it was open. Those m effers. I think Mackie knew I was already in a mood, so when I opened him up he had miraculously found MM so I spent my running time syncing them up.


  1. oh my gosh, you are frikken' hilarious!! :)

  2. Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I think I'm funny, so it's nice when others agree!