Cupid Shuffle - 5K

At the last minuet I decided to sign up for this race...Almost literally the last min. Cutoff was midnight, and I registered at 10p. But I made it!

Spoiler Alert: I got 1st in my Division.
I got up at 6 Sunday morning to get ready and head out to Friendswood. We had surprise winter last week, so it was about 35 degrees. Not a good time.

I went into this knowing I was going to PR. What was my exact goal? Didn't really have a number, just better than my last 5K (in July) since I had been running more regularly.

It was so cold I kept my sweatshirt on with my Garmin under the sleeve. I thought the start button was on the left...around mile 1 when I pushed my sleeves up, I discovered that it wasn't. I'm always forgetting to properly start or stop my watch when I run. Oh well.

For the first mile I couldn't feel my legs. hands. body. It was so cold. In those moments, I knew I made the right decision not doing the 5 mile run. I also felt like I was going in slow mo...and since I hadn't started my watch, I had no idea if I was or not.

Anyway. When I could feel my legs all I could feel was the soreness and the muscles tightening from yesterdays run and bodypump. But I soldiered on (I love how I'm writing as if this was wayyy more serious than it was).

As I saw the people coming back from the turnaround I started to count the ladies to see how far behind I was. I was surprised to see only 3 ahead of me.

I passed one of the ladies, and towards the end I was catching up with this adorable 10 year old. As I started to pass her she gunned it. Yes, I got schooled by a child.

The point is I got 1st in my age division. And I got my PR. Sweet day!
Please disregard the 10 year old that came in before me...
 When they announced me as first place, I was tempted to celebrate, but then I realized I was there alone and would just look like a db, so I restrained it to smile, "thank you," and one fist pump...only one.

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