"I Got My Heart Broken, Then Everything Got Weird."

Nick said that on New Girl this week, but I feel that is def appropriate for my life these past 11 months.

  • Jes and I got in trouble for talking in between sets at pump. In my whole life, I have one gotten in trouble for talking one other time.
  • "have a good night and sweet dreams...filled with hunger games (were you win)"
  • Rick asked me if I could make something less sweet and more healthy like granola bars. Seriously? No. Who would want that?
  • "Who do I have to backhand around here in order to perform this year at the Grammys?" - Chris Brown <--- following Adam on Twitter def enhances my life in the laughter department.
  • My body feels seriously jacked up. It all started with the skating. Then it got a little more jacked at the AGM - I may have danced to hard. Before I went out that Saturday I was doing hip rolls to try and loosen up my back. This week it's my neck, lower back, and ankles. WTF body? Pull it together!
  • B and I discovered FB video chat. Then we chatted with it from our separate couches.
And then Valentine's Day happened:
Adam left chocolate and cards for BJ House. Best.Neighbor.Ever. (Yes, that is RA in the background. B & I had takeout for dinner).

 I gave the co-workers chocolate bark and Hello Kitty Valentines.

 Please notice my Hello Kitty Valentine's mailbox. I did manage to get one love letter...from Amanda. Jes also sent me an ecard.

Gifts to me, from me. xoxo, Jes

And then this email convo with Jes happened:
Me: I think I'll send one to Marc.
I was going to go with this:

But figured that was a little aggressive since he hasn't come to terms with our future yet.
So then I saw this:
But it said heart, which is like love, which is a little intense.
SO I decided on this one:
Jes loved it and wanted me to send all three.
S suggested that I send him flowers with an I love you note. Yeah, great idea Steven if I want to be labeled a Stage 5 clinger. This is probably why I go to Jes for stuff like this, although his input is always amusing.

**Mini Rant: On fb there have been some single people that hatin on Valentine's Day, and it drives me nuts! Think about it, for you this is really just another day this year that you aren't getting flowers when someone else is. So stop whining about it! Do you think complaining about "singles awareness day" is going to change your single status? Because it's not. And if you are going to complain, at least make it funny!

Overall it has been a great week and a fantastic 2.14!
How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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